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Stylish Kurti Neck Designs

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In today’s world, no one can beat the simplistic elegance and charm of the kurti. Raise your hands ladies if every time you try to pick the most stylish yet comfortable attire from your wardrobe, it turns out to be a KURTI! With its higher number of sheer and versatility adaptability, a kurti can transform your entire persona with something as little as neckline style changes. With kurti neck designs, you can stand out from the crowd and create a stylish statement effortlessly. Whatever may be the occasion, you can turn up the charm by coupling your kurti with the right accessories.

So, we bring with a list of the most charming and stylish kurti neck designs:


A round neck is what a scoop neck is, and you can even decide the depth as per your comfort level as well. The scoop neck is one of the preferred neckline designs as it is very much comfortable and looks stylish on most occasions and fabrics. It looks good on crisp button kurtis as it reveals the décolletage just enough to give the right touch of femininity and delicacy. FabCulture is one of the largest kurti manufacturer in Jaipur, which offers the scoop neck, kurtis, at a reasonable price.


The boat neck design is one of the great choices for normal to small-busted women. It flatters their upper body and looks great on both the formal and casual kurtis.


The better of two worlds, this kurti neck style is vivacious and zesty. It just shows some of the shapely collarbones with a round neck and cold shoulders, and then goes on to tease some more with the slit sleeves. Who can ever resist this combo now! Not us for sure. Take it out on a day date or even on an evening with friends; this one would not let you down!


A design with a collar neck makes for a formal and sophisticated look as it streamlines the entire look. The Jaipuri kurta with a straight band or mandarin collar looks good with straight pants and palazzos. It is a must-have neck design for all types of kurti aficionados.


Just like its name, the half-band collar neckline is for those who used to feel uncomfortable in a closed band neckline type. This variation goes into more breathing room as the band opens into a V-shape in the front. It looks very elegant and classy on all face and body types, and whether you choose prints or solids, this neckline can never go wrong.


Its neckline cut is derived from the polo necks that are also very popular in western wear. Crew neck designs in kurtis look very neat and no-nonsense type. You definitely do not need a dupatta or scarf with this kurti neck trend, so it is very well suited for workwear. Moreover, this navy crew neck style beauty will look equally good for your lounging and luncheons.


Noodle strap comes up with round necklines, and as the name only suggests, they are barely there but nonetheless manage to create quite a stirring style statement. This neckline style is ideal for vacation wear or summer months.


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